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Digital Output Features Acrylic Design and Recrylic

Digital Output, a leading publication in the printing and graphics industry, recently recognized Acrylic Design Associates and its revolutionary material Recrylic in its February issue. The feature explores the company's cutting-edge approach to retail displays, shedding light on the innovative solutions that set Acrylic Design apart in a competitive landscape.

Titled: Recycle and Reuse: Rigid Board with Advantages, the article highlights how Acrylic Design uses Recrylic to help its clients achieve sustainability goals. As noted in the publication, Recrylic looks, performs and costs the same as virgin acrylic, but cuts carbon emissions by 90%.

The Digital Output article also shares a recent case study involving Recrylic:  Acrylic Design worked with upscale grocery chain Lunds & Byerlys to bring new ideas to life at its signature Highland Bridge store in St. Paul. Based on a design by Shea Inc., Acrylic Design created two custom fixtures, both primarily from Recrylic.

The first fixture, known as the “salad bowl,” consists of a clear Recrylic ring with laser-etched letters for Lunds & Byerlys Kitchen, plus large, drape-formed salad leaves.  The entire fixture is suspended from the ceiling and illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights that catch the laser-cut letters.

The second feature is an illuminated feature wall of Model T artwork, leveraging Acrylic Design’s fineline™ frame system.  Recrylic is used for the art panels, along with the light guide plates underneath that distribute light evenly, similar to a television screen.

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Digital Output focuses on trends, technologies and developments in the digital printing and graphics industry. Including technology reviews, case studies, expert opinions and news related to printing processes, equipment and applications, the publication is well-regarded for providing relevant content for print buyers and suppliers. As with its feature article on Acrylic Design and Recrylic, Digital Output often highlights new solutions for solving client concerns such as innovation, affordability and sustainability.

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