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Wall sign LifeTime Athletic

Life Time Adds Eco-Friendly Panels to Fitness Centers

A leading fitness company wanted to add privacy screens in its centers while avoiding CO2 emissions. Recrylic® provided just the right answer.
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Retail display in a bed showroom

Recycled Acrylic Helps Reduce CO2 Emissions

Sleep Number sought to source sustainable acrylic for its retail locations. Recrylic helped to generate significant CO2 savings.
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Recycled acrylic sign close-up: EYE TEST

Recycled Acrylic Passes the Eye Test at Target

Target tests recycled acrylic as a way of evaluating long-term value and a closed-loop lifecycle.
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Custom LED signs made from sustainable materials for Under Armour, Adidas and Nike

Kohl's Uses Sustainable Materials to Update Signage

Kohl's sought a completely sustainable solution for updated brand signage.  Acrylic Design Associates had the right answer.
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Custom "salad bowl" LED fixture made from recycled acrylic for a grocery store

Grocery Chain Adds Recrylic Art to Signature Store

A leading grocery chain needed sustainable fixtures for a new signature store.  Acrylic Design delivered the right recipe.
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YankeeKicks store interior - custom LED sign with very large letters in windows

Acrylic Design Meets Grand Deadline that Others Can't

New York’s hottest new store needed custom items for a star-studded grand opening. Acrylic Design met the challenge.
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A shoe product fixture made from Recrylic recycled acrylic; clear acrylic box surrounding a thermo-formed green cloud with a shoe displayed

More Feet, Less Footprint: Recrylic Display Cuts CO2

A leading shoe company wanted an eco-friendly display to match its sustainability commitment. Check out the solution.
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