Recrylic®: Certified Recycled Acrylic

A revolutionary new idea in sustainable retail solutions.
A banana leaf light fixture

Good for the environment.

Recrylic is the first product line of certified recycled acrylic to be widely available in North America. As 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic, Recrylic can help to meet sustainability goals and achieve green building credits.

A row of translucent recycled acrylic samples

Good for your brand.

Recrylic looks and performs just like non-recycled acrylic. Available in a wide array of colors and finishes, it's perfect for displays, signage, lighted fixtures, branded elements and more.

  • GRS and RCC certified
  • Reduces waste and landfill
  • Recycling collection available
A light bulb with a globe image of the western hemisphere, sitting in a green field

Good for you.

Even better, Recrylic costs about the same as non-recycled acrylic ... making it the perfect choice for your next project.

How much CO2 can you save?

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