Committed to Sustainable Practices

Your sustainability goals = our area of focus.
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Taking the lead.

For nearly 50 years, Acrylic Design has taken the lead in creating eye-turning solutions that meet client goals. Now, more than ever, it's imperative that these solutions also are created in a responsible, sustainable way.

We are proud to have introduced Recrylic® – the first GRS- and RCC-certified recycled acrylic and the first to be widely available in North America. Certification means that our products and processes meet rigorous standards for ensuring sustainable practices – helping you to meet your business goals.

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Putting principles into practice.

Our recent survey found that 80% of retail clients have sustainability goals specific to fixtures, displays, signage and other branded elements. We can help clients reach those goals in a number of ways.

  • Using certified recycled acrylic in place of virgin acrylic
  • Implementing recycling programs to collect used fixtures and sort them into the proper recycling stream
  • Illuminating fixtures with energy efficient LED lighting
  • Consulting on project design to avoid waste and implement sustainable products
Solar panel array

Looking ahead.

Acrylic Design is committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals by implementing best practices throughout our operations.

In addition to maintaining certifications and memberships with leading organizations, we are also continually looking to optimize our operations by:

  • Implementing energy efficient lighting and equipment
  • Collecting scrap materials and directing them to the optimal recycling or disposal streams
  • Exploring solar panel implementation across our Minneapolis headquarters
Environmental policy cover page; a photo of four plants growing out of the ground, each one larger in sequence

Check out our policy document

Acrylic Design Associates' existing environmental health and sustainability initiatives, policies and procedures are summarized in our Environmental Policy document. Click below to download a copy.

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