Custom fabrication, built to the most exacting standards.

The magic is in the details.

Have a project that requires ultra-high precision around tolerances, shaping, clarity and quality control? At Acrylic Design, that's another of our specialties.

We serve a variety of industries that require this echelon of precision, including medical, optical, aerospace, recreational equipment, food service and more. Our blend of ideal facilities, state-of-the-science technologies and unsurpassed craftsmanship consistently delivers next-level results. Some of our projects include:

  • Medical device displays
  • Laboratory testing products
  • Hearing aid + audio product displays
  • High-performance plastic door panels
  • Automotive + marine parts
  • Custom OEM products
A medical testing device with many extruded cylindersClear acrylic medical testing deviceHearing aid product displayCustom medical device acrylic displayCustom laboratory testing acrylic fabrication productCustom medical device acrylic displaysCustom medical device display; acrylic; Boston Scientific Clot HunterCustom medical device display; Boston ScientificCustom acrylic hearing aid audio display of a clear acrylic headMedical procedure cart; custom fabrication OEM productWaterpark close-upCanister productCustom acrylic productsCustom acrylic productsAcrylic medical testing productsCustom acrylic productsCustom acrylic molded productsIce cream dispenser machines3D printing machinesMedical testing productsCommercial disk-burning machine3 commercial sensor partsCommercial ice cream mixer


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