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Samsung / T-Mobile Store Launch

Acrylic, LED Technologies, Mill Work, Printing


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are the people you turn to when you want the people to turn to you. Our business is the business of enhancing, illuminating (often literally) and spotlighting your image. We are meticulous craftspeople creating store fixturing, signage, display, and the next great, small and/or bright idea.

Ready to lift your brand above the rest? We’re prepared to make it all happen.

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Minneapolis, MN 55442
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An ARRAY® of amazing

Array is our very own patented LED lighting technology. Breakthrough, breakout and break the mold with dura-trans, fabric, merch display, nearly invisible framing, dimensionals and much more.

All with a brilliant 3-year warranty on Array LED-based products. We’re lighting the way to innovation.

Raising the Standard
since 1976
Financial Environments

Acrylic, LED Technologies, Printing, Millwork

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