Machining Technologies

Cutting-edge technology to make a sharp impression.

Choose the right tool for any job.

Acrylic Design offers the widest variety of cutting and milling machinery available under one roof. From single prototypes to large-scale production with tight tolerances, we have the right technology for any type of project or material.

6-head CNC machine
Multiple 3-axis CNCs
Close-up of a 4-axis CNC jig
3-axis Extrusion CNC Mill / Cutter
5-axis CNC close-up
5-axis CNC
Two Zund cutting machines with workers
Zund I-Cutting

The design is set, but will it work? Acrylic Design's prototype team provides the answers.

Laser-cutting block letters
Laser Cutting
Laser dotting light guide panel machine
Laser Dotting Conveyors
Vertical milling machine
5-axis Vertical Milling Centers
Computerized beam saw
Computerized Beam Saws
Large shear / guillotine cutting machine
Shears + Guillotines

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