Machining Technologies

Cutting-edge technology to make a sharp impression.

Choose the right tool for any job.

Acrylic Design offers the widest variety of cutting and milling machinery available under one roof. From single prototypes to large-scale production with tight tolerances, we have the right technology for any type of project or material.

6-head CNC machine
Multiple 3-axis CNCs
Close-up of a 4-axis CNC jig
3-axis Extrusion CNC Mill / Cutter
5-axis CNC close-up
5-axis CNC
Two Zund cutting machines with workers
Zund I-Cutting

The design is set, but will it work? Acrylic Design's prototype team provides the answers.

Laser-cutting block letters
Laser Cutting
Laser dotting light guide panel machine
Laser Dotting Conveyors
Vertical milling machine
5-axis Vertical Milling Centers
Computerized beam saw
Computerized Beam Saws
Large shear / guillotine cutting machine
Shears + Guillotines
CMM Measuring machine used for creating custom retail displays
CMM Measuring


How broad is Acrylic Design’s custom fabrication capacity?

Acrylic Design Associates operates the largest collection of machining technologies under one roof – anywhere.  We have multiple types of the most modern equipment – ranging from lasers to 3- and 5-axis CNCs, extrusion CNCs, vertical milling centers and more.

Why does all of that equipment matter?

Having the right machining capacity means that we have the ability to handle both large scale and highly complex projects with extremely tight turnarounds.

Why is it important to use the right tool for a particular job?

It goes back to the adage “measure twice and cut once.”  In other words, careful planning can help ensure that:

  • Mistakes are avoided
  • Cost is reduced
  • Waste is minimized
  • Aesthetics and functionality are preserved or enhanced
  • Speed is optimized
  • Quality is ensured
  • One-stop production is enabled
What is a CNC and how is it used to create custom retail displays?

Light guide panels are made by using a laser to etch small dots into a sheet of acrylic.  The placement and spacing of the dots can be adjusted to achieve the desired brightness or depth of the finished piece.  And the brightness, color and warmth of the light can be easily controlled.

How is a Vertical Milling Center (VMC) used for custom acrylic fabrication?

VMCs are a type of CNC, in that both provide computerized cutting control. But VMCs provide high-precision cutting of plastics and metals across five axes, usually with liquid-cooling that provides the best surfaces.  VMCs are often used for medical devices and other products that require the tightest tolerances.

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