Acrylic Design Associates Earns Highest Level G7 Master Qualification

Elevating the Art and Science of Color Precision

Acrylic Design Associates is proud to announce its attainment of the G7 Master Qualification Colorspace Certificate.  This achievement recognizes our commitment to elite color precision in the creation of retail displays, signage, artwork and other design solutions.

The G7 Master Qualification is a highly regarded certification program within the printing and graphic arts industry – and Colorspace is its highest level.  Awarded by Idealliance – a global non-profit industry group that sets standards for print and digital media – the G7 Master Qualification is designed to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction across different printing processes and substrates.

“We are excited about achieving G7 Master Qualification – Colorspace because it underscores our commitment to quality execution,” said Acrylic Design Associates President Bill McNeely, Jr.  “Our clients have high expectations when it comes to color matching, as this is an important part of expressing their brand identity.  G7 Master Qualification recognizes that the colors we reproduce are not just vibrant and eye-catching but also consistent across a wide variety of materials, applications and printing processes.”

Based in Minneapolis but with a global footprint, Acrylic Design Associates is a leader in building custom retail displays, LED fixtures, signage, artwork, architectural features and other solutions.  While acrylic is in the company’s name and DNA, Acrylic Design works with virtually all materials – including multiple high-performing plastics, wood, metal, print substrates, fabrics and more.  McNeely says that matching colors precisely across so many materials and thicknesses can be a challenge if not using the right approach and tools.

Making a Visual Impact

“There’s definitely an art and science to matching colors precisely,” said McNeely.  “Our team has the expertise and technologies to live up to our promise to our clients that their brand will be presented with the utmost accuracy and visual impact.”

To attain the G7 Master Qualification Colorspace certification, Acrylic Design Associates underwent a comprehensive process focused on implementing and adhering to the G7 methodology.  Some of the evaluation criteria included:

  • Training and education in G7 methodology
  • G7 practice implementation – including aligning print conditions to G7 neutral print density curves and adopting defined color targets
  • Color calibration and measurement
  • Process control and standardization
  • Investment in state-of-the-art technologies
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • Quality assurance protocols
  • Documentation and reporting
Close-up of a digital printer printing a custom acrylic panel

What G7 Means for Clients

Clients who work with a G7 Master Qualified Colorspace company such as Acrylic Design Associates can expect better outcomes from their projects:

  • Color consistency within and across campaigns.  Whether producing a single display or comprehensive campaign, clients can trust that their brand colors will remain consistent, creating a cohesive and impactful brand presence.
  • Reduced time and costs.  G7 methodology emphasizes process efficiency, leading to reduced production times and costs.  Clients can benefit from quicker project turnarounds without compromising on color accuracy, allowing them to meet tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Adherence to industry standards.  As part of an industry-standard methodology, clients can be confident that a G7 certified company adheres to established standards, contributing to a higher level of professionalism, reliability and quality.
  • Enhanced visual appeal.  The bottom line is that precise color matching ensures that every project produced by Acrylic Design Associates will be completed to exact client specifications, helping to attract attention and drive results.

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