CASE STUDY: Lunds & Byerly's

Grocery Store Art Fixtures


  • Lunds & Byerly's, a leading regional grocery chain, was opening a signature store in a new mixed use development area.
  • In keeping with the overall development's goals, Lunds & Byerly's sought to add original fixtures made from sustainable materials. Shea Inc. provided the initial design.


  • Acrylic Design Associates developed two fixtures:  A hanging "salad bowl" illuminated artwork, along with distinctive LED wall panels.
  • The salad bowl is made entirely from Recrylic certified recycled acrylic. Pieces were cut to shape and etched with lettering via CNC. They were then drape-formed to achieve a round bowl shape and illuminated with energy efficient LED lights.
  • The wall panels include Model T artwork, denoting the development's longtime history as the site of a Ford production plant. Recrylic used its fineline™ frames to achieve a borderless 1" profile. Laser-dotted light guide plates and diffuser panels serve to provide brilliant, even illumination from edge-to-edge.


  • Using Recrylic in place of virgin acrylic reduced fossil fuel use by 86%.
  • The new items are not only 100% recycled, but also recyclable, helping create a sustainable life cycle.
Designers working on 3D engineering drawings

What can we build for you?

Join leading brands like Lunds & Byerlys in enhancing your retail spaces with our sustainable design solutions. We crafted eye-catching fixtures like illuminated "salad bowl" artworks and LED wall panels from recycled acrylic, emphasizing both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability helped reduce fossil fuel use dramatically. Let's design your next project with the future in mind.