A revolutionary new idea in sustainable retail solutions

Recrylic: Certified Recycled Acrylic logo

Recrylic is the first product line of certified recycled acrylic to be widely available in North America – aimed at helping retailers, product companies and other groups to meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

As a closed-loop recycling process, Recrylic is both recycled and recyclable – over and over again. Using Recrylic in place of traditional acrylic:

•  Reduces waste and landfill

•  Minimizes CO2 emissions and carbon footprint

•  Reduces use of oil-based products and water in manufacturing

•  Fosters respect for the environment

Recrylic Recycling Process.

Recrylic brings the same durability, performance and visual appeal as traditional acrylic. Here’s how it works:

•  Used displays and scrap acrylic are collected for recycling (instead of going to landfill)

•  Collected acrylic is processed for recycling

•  Recycled acrylic is formed into Recrylic sheets in a variety of colors and thicknesses

•  Recrylic is used in manufacturing new products, the same as with traditional acrylic

•  Products are deployed – and remain in use until they are ready to be recycled again

More than one-third of the operation is powered by fuel that is created during the recycling process – making Recrylic an even more eco-friendly choice compared to traditional acrylic.

How much carbon can you save?

In round numbers, every ton of raw acrylic requires two tons of petroleum to produce. By replacing raw acrylic with Recrylic, you can help preserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

To learn how much you can save, request a free CO2 emissions savings estimate.

Good for your brand.  Good for you.

To learn more about how recycled acrylic can help meet your sustainability goals, visit Recrylic.com or contact us at info@recrylic.com.