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Acrylic Design provides a variety of display and product solutions for medical device, laboratory testing and other health-care related firms.  Take a look.
A medical testing device with many extruded cylindersCustom medical device display of a human spine on a custom acrylic fixtureCustom medical device acrylic displayCustom medical device acrylic display; cross-section of a human heart in acrylic caseCustom medical device acrylic displayClear acrylic medical testing deviceCustom acrylic molded productsHearing aid displayCustom acrylic hearing aid audio display of a clear acrylic headCustom medical device display; acrylic; Boston Scientific Clot HunterCustom medical procedure cart made with custom plastic fabricationCustom medical device acrylic displayHearing Aid display elements Hearing aid retail displays made with custom acrylic fabricationWidex custom acrylic hearing aid display: case and topperCustom acrylic hearing aid display: Phonak Lyric with hearing aid embedded in acrylic


What types of medical-related projects does Acrylic Design support?

Acrylic Design Associates provides a variety of custom acrylic fabrication solutions (along with other materials) for medical and health-related firms, including:

  • Medical device product displays
  • Laboratory testing parts and products
  • Hearing aid displays
  • Medical procedure carts
What's the most common challenge when creating a medical device display?

One of the most common challenges that clients encounter is how to create a display using a replica or "dummy" device. Using a production-ready device in a display can often be prohibitively expensive. But creating a replica that looks like the actual device can be challenging.

Acrylic Design Associates provides a variety of options for solving this challenge. From traditional fabrication to 3D printing – and from in-house solutions to outsourced and off-shore solutions, Acrylic Design can provide the right recommendation for any project.

What challenges do laboratory testing projects face?

Acrylic Design Associates has extensive experience in building laboratory testing chambers using acrylic and other high-performance materials. These items have precise manufacturing requirements for tolerances, clarity, polishing, construction and quality control.

Acrylic Design operates multiple Vertical Milling Centers (VMCs) to handle this type of project. A VMC is a specialized CNC that uses water cooling to create flawless finishes. Each VMC provides ultra-precise cutting and polishing on five axes – allowing for optimal accuracy and quality control.

How do you confirm quality and measurement?

In addition to our Vertical Milling Centers, which provide highly precise manufacturing, Acrylic Design Associates also leverages other technologies and practices to ensure optimal quality control.

One tool we use is a Coordinate Measuring Machine, or CMM. A CMM is a device that precisely measures and inspects the geometrical characteristics of an object, allowing us to accurately check that both prototype and production components and assemblies conform to the intended design.

Tolerance refers to the amount that the size of a finished part or surface may vary -- or the difference between the upper and lower limits set by the engineer. Acrylic Design uses our VMCs, CMMs and other techniques to closely monitor tolerances and ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations.

Why are hearing aid displays so relevant?

Hearing aids used to require a doctor's prescription. In 2022, however, new regulations were implemented, allowing hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter. This allowed hearing aid manufacturers to be able to sell their products within a variety of pharmacy, big box and consumer technology stores.

Hearing Aid manufacturers often didn't have strong experience building custom retail displays for their new channels. Many turned to Acrylic Design Associates for assistance in building displays that are attractive, engaging and secure – helping ensure that customers can access their products while reducing the risk of theft.

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