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Have a custom project or part that needs expert fabrication? Acrylic Design Associates can help. We craft a wide range of OEM products and parts across a variety of industries.   Take a look at our work.
Custom acrylic productsCustom manufacturing flywheel close-upCanister productClear acrylic medical testing deviceAir inflator machine.Custom acrylic molded productsWaterpark equipmentIce cream dispenser machinesAcrylic candy bins3D printing machinesHearing aid displayCommercial ice cream mixer3 commercial sensor partsCommercial disk-burning machinePenny press machine with hand crank, branded as Steelers with Pittburgh Steelers colors and logo type; custom fabrication


What types of custom fabrication projects does Acrylic Design support?

Acrylic Design Associates provides a variety of custom acrylic fabrication solutions (along with other materials) for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Automotive + RV parts
  • 3D printer door panels
  • Restaurant and retail store food containers
  • Waterpark features
  • Custom machine panels
  • Medical, health care and laboratory testing components
  • Many more . . . just ask!
What types of machining and fabrication does Acrylic Design provide?

Acrylic Design Associates operates the largest collection of machining technologies under one roof – anywhere. We have multiple types of the most modern equipme

  • 3-axis and 5-axis CNCs
  • 4-axis extrusion CNC
  • 5-axis Vertical Milling Centers
  • Multiple lasers for cutting, etching, polishing and light-guide plate production
  • Thermoforming, including drape and vacuum forming
  • In-house print, paint and lamination
  • In-house LED assembly
  • CMM precision measurement
  • Much more
How long have you been providing these services?

Acrylic Design has provided custom fabrication for these types of projects since our inception in 1976.

One of our earliest projects was to develop a toppings container bin for a new product that was being introduced by a globally recognized Twin Cities based restaurant chain. That restaurant was Dairy Queen and the new product being introduced 40+ years ago was the Blizzard. Acrylic Design quickly determined an effective solution for the Blizzard bins and has been making them for DQ ever since.

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